Often, in the media and within communities, sexual assault victims/survivors are portrayed as “broken.” People expect a survivor’s post-assault world to have sharp edges: we are expected to exist only as shattered pieces of a former self; we are expected to be afraid of the world, afraid of intimacy, afraid of everything.

What’s often excluded from these narratives is the strength a survivor can find after being assaulted. I chose to feature some positive experiences survivors have had as a way to showcase some positive points in some healing journeys. Every survivor’s process is different; some may feel they need no healing at all, while others may endure a long healing process before regaining normalcy.

We must also recognize that the survivors featured here (and others who are out there) are privileged enough to have the resources to heal - whether that’s in the form of supportive partners, counselors, family members, administrators, etc. Every survivor deserves these resources and more, and not all have access to them.

Here’s to surviving, on whatever path you choose.

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