Some FAQ

Q. I’m a male survivor. Can I still submit a story?

A: YES, absolutely. Male survivors of sexual violence face many obstacles to reporting/sharing their stories; obstacles such as safety or privacy concerns or self-blame/shame/issues around sexual identity, etc. Men are survivors of sexual violence, too, and account for about 10% of sexual assault survivors.

Q: I know you’re getting a lot of submissions, but I still want to share my story. But I don’t want to add to your pile, and I’m not even sure my story matters that much.

A: While I do have a large backlog of submissions, I read ALL of them and will eventually post ALL of them! Yours may not go up on the site right away, but if you’ve emailed it to me or submitted it through the Google doc, I have seen it and will absolutely post it at some point. Every story matters, including yours.

Feel free to email with any other questions! Your story matters.

The Daily Mail

Also featured in The Daily Mail:

"During her senior year of high school, Safran was assaulted by a friend and then went through the whole legal process but was only able to get a restraining order against her attacker. In an attempt to connect with others who went through similarly frustrating and frightening experiences, she started the Tumblr blog Surviving in Numbers.

'People are so thankful to have a space to share their story that they feel they didn't have before,' Ms Safran told MailOnline.”